Solinst Mini Interface Meter

Solinst Mini Interface Meter


Solinst Mini Interface Meter

The Solinst Mini Interface Meter has all of the superior technology built into the larger Solinst Interface Meter and more. The Solinst Mini Interface has a compact design making it more convenient to operate in the field. Its low power consumption enables 300 hours or more of normal use before the battery needs changing.

The ergonomic small reel holds 20m (65ft) of narrow flat tape and is fitted with a shorter probe. The handle has a cushioned grip and a probe holder. Like the standard larger Solinst Interface Meter, the Solinst Mini Interface Meter gives a steady signal (audible and visual) in product and intermittent signals in water.

Features & Benefits

  • Small compact design with 20m tape.
  • Longer battery life (approximately 300 hours).
  • Convenient small size.
  • High accuracy in LNAPL or DNAPL.

Technical Specifications

Refer to Product Brochure (Download below)


  • Monitoring LNAPL and DNAPL in groundwater monitoring bores.

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