Hach Test Kits

Hach Test Kits


Hydrolab Quanta Meter

Selecting a Hach test kit that meets your budget and testing needs is made simple. Hach offers single parameter kits with easy-to-use color comparators and comprehensive portable laboratories with advanced instrumentation — for fast, accurate results in the field or in the lab.

Hach test kits come with everything you need to start testing immediately, including all required apparatus and a full reagent set, all in a rugged Hach carrying case. Replacement reagent sets typically give you one of the lowest costs per test you’ll find anywhere.

Features & Benefits

Test Strips

Choose Hach test strips for semi-quantitative process checks or spot tests—anywhere and any time you need them.

  • Fast, very easy to use.
  • Inexpensive and disposable — test and go!
  • A great way to get quick answers in the field or lab .

Colour Wheel Kits

Continuous colour gradient wheel allows finer resolution of concentration. Powerful testing capability in a small package.

  • Compare reacted sample and blank side-by-side to compensate for sample color.
  • Calibrated color scale assures high accuracy.

Drop-Count Titration Kits

Drop count procedures provide a low-cost method for titrimetric determinations. Typical accuracy is ± 1 drop for titrations requiring up to 20 drops and ± 5% for titrations requiring over 20 drops.

  • Economical testing for many titrimetric parameters.
  • Most tests require between ten to twenty drops

Digital Titrator Kits

Hach’s Digital Titrator makes field titrations a practical reality. Results are comparable to buret titration, with none of the problems associated with glass burrets.

  • Many procedures usable for EPA reporting.
  • Self-store titration cartridges reduce waste.
  • Cartridges can be easily switched in the field .

Color Cube Kits

Sample/mixing cell and calibrated, stepped color comparator together in a single molded plastic piece for ease of handling. Available for most of the common test parameters.

  • Most economical of the color comparator-based kits.
  • Easy, uncomplicated testing with fast results.

Instrument-Based Kits

Colorimeter-based kits provide the highest level of accuracy and repeatability. Pre-programmed for easy use, Hach’s single-parameter field colorimeters provide years of reliable service.

  • Rugged and reliable, for optimum field performance.
  • Low cost-per-test with high-confidence results.


  • Water quality field analysis and spot checks.
  • Boiler and cooling water.
  • Aquaculture.