CTD Diver

CTD Diver


Water CTD Diver

Traditionally frequent monitoring of soil and groundwater quality has been a very labour-intensive task. This is specially true where saltwater intrusion or pollution at remediation sites needs to be monitored.

The answer is here!

The new CTD Diver now sets the standard for reliability and longevity in groundwater quality monitoring. The CTD Diver is a fully stand-alone datalogger with built-in memory, battery and sensors. The CTD’s ceramic casing and unparalleled conductivity measuring range (0-120 mS/cm) make the CTD-Diver suitable for use at every measuring site.

The CTD-Diver is impervious to the most aggressive substances found in water environments. Its ceramic casing resists corrosion where even the strongest metals yield. It is a highly reliable, compact datalogger for the simultaneous measuring of groundwater level, temperature and conductivity.

Level, temperature and conductivity are measured at time intervals predetermined by the user. The measured values are stored in the datalogger’s memory and can be read out at any given time.

Features & Benefits

Water CTD Diver Hand
  • Frequent, long-term measuring without human intervention.
  • Reliable and accurate measurement data.
  • Easy calibration.
  • Various Depths Available:
    • 10m: 0 mS/cm – 120 mS/cm
    • 50m: 0 mS/cm – 120 mS/cm
    • 100m: 0 mS/cm -120 mS/cm


  • Aquifer storage and recovery projects.
  • Salinisation projects.
  • Saltwater intrusion projects.
  • Discharge monitoring.
  • Monitoring landfill sites.
  • Monitoring groundwater and surface water.

Technical Specifications

Product Specification Description
Material housing Ceramic (zirconia)
Material pressure sensor Ceramic (alumina)
Material conductivity sensor Platinum and ceramic (alumina)
Dimensions 22mm diameter, 135mm long
Temperature Range -20°C to 80°C
– Accuracy ±0.1°C
– Resolution 0.01 °C
– Compensation range 0°C to 50°C
Pressure Ranges: 10 mH2O, 50 mH20, 100 mH2O
– Accuracy ±0.5 cmH2O (varies with model range,see brochure)
– Resolution 0.2 cmH2O (varies with model range,see brochure)
Weight Approx. 95g
Sample rate 1 second to 99 hours
Memory 48,000 measurements
Battery life Approximately 8 years (depending on use)

Recommended Accessories

  • BaroDiver Barometric Pressure Logger – For barometric compensation of data.
  • Diver Reader Unit and Software – For communication between Diver and PC.
  • Diver Data Cable (DDC) – For communication with the Diver directly from the top of the well (Also requires Comm Cable).