MultiPro IQ Express Docking Station

MultiPro IQ Express Docking Station


MultiPro IQ Express is highly recommended for use with the MultiPro confined space multi-gas detector. It’s not only a Docking station, it also functions as a fully automated bump test and calibration station. If the bump test fails, IQ Express will automatically perform a full calibration without intervention from the user, allowing you to keep working.

Features & Benefits

  • Automated tests
    • Automatic Instrument Identification
    • Automatic Battery Test
    • Automatic Alarm Tests (audible, visible, vibrating)
    • Automatic Bump Test
    • Automatic Calibration (if necessary)
    • Automatic Record Keeping
    • Automatic Ready / Fault indication
  • Single or multiple docks
    • Cascade between 1 and 4 docks
  • Configuration options
    • Standalone calibration station
    • Connected to PC via USB
  • PC control
    • Connect to a PC for enhanced control over calibration and data acquisition during testing
  • Efficient and economical
    • Bump test in under 20 seconds
    • Calibration in under 1 minute