DustTrak 8525 Environmental Enclosure

DustTrak 8525 Environmental Enclosure


The weatherproof DustTrak 8525 Environmental Enclosure protects the DustTrak Aerosol Monitor model 8520 when used outdoors and in harsh industrial environments. Primarily used in outdoor settings, the wind and rain proof enclosure features an extended-life battery for long-term unattended sampling.

The DustTrak 8525 Environmental Enclosure comes with an omni-directional sampling inlet specifically designed to sample efficiently in a broad range of wind conditions.

The high capacity battery included with the enclosure permits continuous, 24-hour operation. Two high capacity batteries are included with the enclosure, allowing one battery to be charged while the other is in operation. The enclosure can be mounted to a standard surveyor tripod using a 15.875mm (5/8″) thread.

Features & Benefits

  • Omni-directional sampling inlet.
  • Efficient sampling in a broad range of wind conditions up to 35kph (22 mph).
  • Extended-life battery for continuous 24-hour monitoring – 240V power not required.
  • Protection from wind and rain.
  • Field portable.
  • Enclosure provides additional protection and security to the instrument.


  • Environmental site perimeter monitoring.
  • Fugitive dust emissions.
  • Construction site monitoring.
  • Urban pollution monitoring.
  • Dust control monitoring.
  • Harsh industrial environments.