SKC Sampling Pump Accessories

SKC Sampling Pump Accessories


SKC offer a wide range of accessories for use with air sampling pumps and air sampling media.

Defender Primary Standard Calibrator

The Defender is a true primary standard calibrator based on volume displacement. Built on next-generation DryCal® technology, the new Defender calibrators integrate all the advantages of the popular DC-Lite calibrator with exciting new features based on 10 years of product feedback and ongoing research. Available in 3 flow ranges:

  • 5 to 500 ml/min
  • 50 to 5000 ml/min
  • 300 to 30,000 ml/min

Sorbent Tube Holders and Accessories

Water CTD Diver Hand

Adjustable Low Flow Tube Holders, Plastic Protective Covers, Constant Pressure Controllers (CPC), Low Flow Adapter Kits, and other accessories


Tygon, Latex, PTFE, and Polyurethane tubing and tubing accessories

PowerFlex Battery Chargers

Water CTD Diver Hand

Only the advanced PowerFlex® battery charging system can provide flexibility in charging your fleet of SKC personal air sampling pumps. There is no need to carry multiple chargers for multiple pumps. PowerFlex can be used with most SKC personal sample pumps that use a NiCad or NiMH battery.