Eco Environmental Training Courses available

Did you know that in additional to Eco’s wide offering of sales, rentals, service and consumables, structured training programs are available to ensure you get the best out of your newly purchased or rented equipment. Whether it’s a half or full day, come to us or we come to you, Eco can tailor a solution to best fit your company’s needs.

Eco Water Quality Meter training with Cleanaway Brisbane

New BW GasAlert LEL added to rental fleet

Eco Environmental is welcoming the addition of the Honeywell BW LEL personal gas monitor to our rental fleet. With its simple one button operation, the BW GasAlert Max XT II is the perfect accompaniment to any confined space or gas monitoring work. It is able to measure LEL (combustible gases) H₂S, CO and O₂ with fully adjustable alarm limits. For detailed specifications of the unit please click here.

BW GasAlert Max XT II

Inspectra Laser Methane Detector now available

ECO Environmental now offers the Inspectra Laser methane gas detector for hire. The Inspectra Laser is a methane-specific monitoring device which is ATEX rated and can detect from as low as 1ppm.

Please contact our sales team or check out the product page for more information.

Inspectra Laser Kit

Eco Now Stocks Environmental Monitoring Equipment in Darwin

Eco Environmental is proud to announce its local presence in Darwin, having established an agency agreement with Total Safety Solutions (12 Adams Road, Yarrawonga).

A range of consumable equipment is available for collection / delivery direct from our agent’s office in Yarrawonga (see product listing below).

Additional products, services and technical support (including rental equipment) is also available via our Adelaide office.

Contact our Adelaide office on 08 8293 3355, or and we will coordinate for pick up or local delivery of equipment from Yarrawonga.

This will significantly reduce time delays for our clients throughout the Northern Territory.

Stocked Products Include:

Eco Bailer Pro
Low Flow Bladders
Hydroline Filters (500sqcm)
OilScreenSoil screening kit (pack of 5)
D25 Footvalves
Bonded LDPE Tubing
1/2 Inch LDPE tubing
Decon 90
Calibration Solutions
Milipore Stericups 150mL (box of 12)
Milipore Stericups 250mL (box of 12)
Terumo Luer Lock Syringes
Luer Lock Filters
Hydrasleeves and accessories

ECO is a YSI Distributor

ECO is pleased to announce that we have been appointed the Western Australian distributors for the full range of YSI’s multi-parameter monitoring sonde’s, including the new range of advanced EXO sonde’s.

YSI is a market leader in the manufacture of water quality instruments for all sectors including environmental and industrial.  YSI is an innovative company and is constantly expanding and improving its product range and investing in research and development to improve product range and quality.

ECO is able to assist you with all your YSI needs for either rental or purchase of any YSI products.

Please call our sales team for more information or refer to our product page.



YSI ProDSS Available for Hire

ECO now has the new YSI ProDSS multiparameter meter on our rental fleet. 

The ProDSS is the most advanced handheld water quality instrument available and measures up to 13 parameters, including turbidity and depth.  The meter includes titanium sensors with stored calibration data, colour display and backlit keypad, field replaceable sensors, robust military-spec connections and long-life battery.

The ProDSS comes available for rental with pH/ORP, optical DO, turbidity, EC and temp as standard configurations.  The ProDSS is also available for purchase with a range of different options and configurations.

Please see our product page for more detail or call our sales team for more information.


Micropurge Lowflow Kit

ECO Environmental is pleased to announce we have added the Micropurge Lowflow pump to our fleet of rental equipment. This complements our existing Geotech lowflow kits and Peristaltic pumps and can enable pumping from up to 75m when used with CO2 gas.

Please see our product page for more detail or call our sales team for more information

Casella CEL-350 Dosimeters


Casella-CEL-350-DosimetersThe CEL-350 dosimeters are ideal for personal noise exposure monitoring around the workplace. By using the latest digital technology, the meters achieves new standards of performance levels in noise dosimetry.

The compact design means there are no external cables, the unit weighs only 71gm and it is easily operated by the 2 small keys on the side of the instrument.

The built-in display shows all necessary measurement status and data and includes unique LED action level alarm feature. There is a unique auto-calibration function and the simple-to-operate keys can be locked to avoid accidental measurement changes.

The CEL-350 dosimeters on our rental fleet come supplied as a pack of 5 units complete with a calibrator, charging station and software for all monitoring requirements.

Features & Benefits

  • Ideal for all occupational workplace noise monitoring
  • Compact, rugged and easy to use
  • Measures and logs all workplace noise parameters
  • 28 battery life, recharges in 90 minutes
  • Integrated display and visual exposure alarm
  • Simple auto-calibration function
  • Comprehensive software package


  • Occupational noise evaluation including measurement of all workplace noise parameters
  • Assessing and monitoring noise in the workplace
  • Ensuring compliance with noise regulations

Technical Specifications

Please refer to Product Brochure (listed below)


  • Casella CEL-dBadge Brochure (Coming Soon)


Casella 633 Sound Level Meter


Casella-633-Sound-Level-MeterThe Casella 633 Sound Level Meter is ideal for environmental or occupational monitoring.  By implementing the latest digital technology, the meter has a single measurement range so no range adjustment is required, ensuring the highest levels of performance for all noise sources.

The 633 model on our rental fleet includes capacity for frequency analysis as well as full logging capabilities.  Data is managed via the included software.

The CEL-633 comes complete with a calibrator and software for all monitoring requirements.  We are also able to supply environmental enclosures and environmental monitoring kits for extended outdoors use.

Features & Benefits

  • Ideal for all environmental and occupational monitoring
  • Easy to use switch-on-and-go functionality
  • Single measurement range up to 140dB
  • Real-time frequency analysis in 1/1 and 1/3-octave bands
  • Broadband and spectrum logging
  • Logging profile display with markers
  • Simultaneous measurement of all parameters with frequency and time weightings
  • PC software included for archiving, export and reporting
  • 2GB memory for extended monitoring logging
  • Environmental monitoring kit also available


  • Environmental noise assessment, monitoring and complaints
  • Occupational noise evaluation including simultaneous measurement of all workplace noise parameters
  • Selection of hearing protection
  • Noise reduction
  • Product quality control
  • General purpose Class 1 sound measurements
  • Real-time analysis of sound in 1/1- and 1/3-octave bands
  • Analysis of time histories for broadband parameters and spectra (Logging)

Technical Specifications

Please refer to Product Brochure (listed below)


  • Casella CEL-630 series Brochure (Coming Soon)


GEOSub 12V Purging Pump

Geosub w Controller

ECO is pleased to announce that the excellent GeoSub 12v pump is now better than ever with a new controller and updated and improved cable connections.

The GeoSub is able to pump from 60m water depth and is also able to be configured for greater depths with the addition of a droptube assembly.


ECO has a number of these excellent purging pumps available for rental as well as for purchase. Please contact any of our offices for further detail or for a rental or sale quotation.

New Rental – Respirator Fit Tester TSI Portacount pro+

Portacount Pro +

No other fit tester can quantitatively fit test ALL types of respirators – gas masks, SCBAs, respirators, even N95 disposable (filtering-facepiece) respirators. The PortaCount Pro+ Respirator Fit Tester eliminates the guesswork associated with tedious and error-prone qualitative fit test methods.

Features & Benefits

  • Fit test ANY tight-fitting respirator including N95, P2 and P1 disposables
  • Faster N95 fit testing time — down from 11:30 seconds to 7:15 seconds
  • Greater simplicity with the built-in N95 Companion™ technology
  • Stand alone operation


  • Quantitave respirator fit testing (QNFT)
  • Disposable filtering-facepiece fit testing for Series 100, 99, P3 and HEPA masks
  • Half mask fit testing
  • Full-face mask fit testing
  • Gas mask fit testing
  • PAPR mask fit testing
  • SCBA mask fit testing


New – Oil Screen Soil

Oil Screen Soil indigo blue

OILscreenSOIL® Indigo Blue visualises petroleum products in contaminated soil. In order to provide a maximum visual contrast against dark or red soils this kit stains hydrocarbons and oils a bright royal blue color.

  • Fast, reliable, easy to use and inexpencive field monitoring tool
  • Detects virtually all oil down to 500ppm of TPH
  • Can be used after a couple of minutes training.

How to use

  1. Fill soil 1/2 full
  2. Fill water 3/4 full
  3. Shake


  • Checking for leaks from above ground storage tanks into soil
  • Checking for leaks from equipment into soil
  • Checking for leaks from utility transformers into soil
  • Detecting perimeters, depths and directions of oil spills in soil
  • Detecting oil leaks in sumps near tanks
  • Detecting chemicals at Dry Cleaner Remediation sites


  • OilScreenSoil does not replace quantitative field screening tests.
  • Esters (detergents) are the only “known” substance to interfere with the dye’s ability to stain petroleum hydrocarbon products. This may be applicable when screening for Ester based (i.e. synthetic) motor oils.


ECO Field Services – Installing Weather Station


A hot day, Stuart and Justin drove down to a brick maker’s quarry to install a Vaisala WXT510 weather station on top of the 10 meter mast and five Eco solar powered air monitoring stations. From the ECO Office Julien supported field service team to set up telemetry system. 

Weather Station System configuration

  • Vaisala WTX510 Weather Station
  • 10m Mast
  • Solar panel + Backup battery
  • Logger
  • Modem


ECO Solar Powered Air Monitoring Station System configuration

  • TSI DustTrak 8520
  • Enclosure + Post + Solar Panel + Back up Battery
  • Logger
  • Modem

GFM435 Landfill Gas Analyser


The Gas Data GFM435 is the ultimate landfill/remedial site meter with all the features of measuring gas concentrations, pressures, flows and temperatures with the addition of Hexane channel and PID compensation factor. Read the rest of this entry »

ECO Field Services – Brusnwick River

Brunswick River

River Flow logging and Water Quality surveillance at Brunswick River

EFS staff maintained river flow meter system and downloaded logged data.



New Equioment – Gas Alert Micro5 PID

Protect Yourself

  • Smaller and over 50% lighter than competitive instruments
  • Continuous LCD shows simultaneous gas concentrations for five gases
  • 0 – 1000 ppm measurement of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Integral motorized pump option for remote sampling
  • Two power options: Alkaline or rechargeable hot-swappable battery
  • Equipped with internal vibrating alarm for high noise areas
  • Multi-language: English, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese
  • Simple automatic calibration procedure
  • Records TWA, STEL, and maximum exposures to gas
  • User selectable field options include: PID correction factor, language selection, confidence beep, span level, set TWA/STEL calculation choice, set calibration due date, pass code protection, latching alarm, ‘SAFE’ display function, stealth mode, and selectable ppm resolution for some gases (e.g. SO2 0.1 ppm)
  • Full function self-test of: sensor

* Gas Alert Micro5 is sale item

ECO Field services – Geraldton Port

EFS – ECO Field Services in Geraldton

ECO technician Stu flew north to Geraldton to maintain 12 High volume air samplers and some other air/dust sampling equipments.

  • Date: 22, 23 / 11 / 2011
  • Geraldton WA
  • Geraldton port authority
  • Service and calibrate High Volume Air samplers on site

New Rental Equipment- Smartest WQM

The YSI Professional Plus Quatro multi parameter water quality meter is not a refinement. It came straight out of the imagination of our customers.

The instrument provides numerous benefits from the following features; 5,000 data-set memory, password protection, backlit display and keypad, graphic display with detailed Help functionality, re-cal prompts, user defined fields, detailed GLP, auto stable, Hold All Readings function, Data Manager software for the desktop, USB connection and ……

New – Marine Turbidity Logger

The ECO NTU specialised turbidity loggers incorporate a practical set of options with a single basic design to make them ideal for a wide variety of deployments. This includes remote marine applications such as dredging projects where weekly maintenance and data retrieval is not an option. By incorporating an optional internal battery pack, and the unique Bio-wiper anti-fouling device, the ECO NTU is able to……

New Rental Equipment – Mini Interface Meter

New to ECO Rental Fleet

Heron’s Mini Interface Meter is compact and light weight. An economical unit that will measure to 20m below the top of your monitoring well making it ideal for shallow wells or high water tables. more

New Rental Equipment – Compact Peristaltic Pump

New to ECO Rental Fleet

The Pegasus Athena mini peristaltic pump is lightweight and compact.

To use, simply attach an external power source such as a 12 volt battery to drive the pump.

Dimention: 270 x 246 x 175mm, 3kg without accessories.


ECO Environmental, proudly supporting the YMCA Perth

The ECO Team is happy to announce we will be participating in the 2011 City to Surf fun run! To clarify, by run we mean walk, crawl, stagger, what ever it takes to make it over the finish line. To all of our generous supporters, we promise to provide an ‘after’ photo to prove we made it alive!

Make a life changing difference to a young person in need. Please help ECO Environmental to reach our goal to raise money for YMCA Perth’s Big Brothers Big Sisters program – your donation is greatly appreciated. To donate simply follow this link to the ECO Environmental Fundraiser Page..

EFS – Temporary field staff & on site training


Photo ECO Field Services

ECO Environmental is proud to present ECO Field Services (EFS), a new division in our rapidly growing portfolio. EFS is a new and exciting area of service offering your team an extra hand in the field when it’s most needed. Our experienced field staff come to you with extensive equipment knowledge for your application. Additionally …

ECO Product Brochure

ECO’s new product brochure is now available. The brochure is available online, with a link to the e-catalogue on our homepage.

We look forward to visiting our clients, to deliver a hard copy of the brochure and discuss the products, and their equipment needs.

If you would like a copy of the brochure, please call us on (08) 9328 2900 and we will arrange its prompt delivery to you.

Asbestos Awareness Week

Asbestos Awareness Week is held in the last week of November each year and is reminder of the continuing effects of asbestos and an opportunity to remember the families affected by asbestos-related diseases.

Read the rest of this entry »

ProChoice Personal Protective Equipment

ECO is able to supply you will a full array of PPE gear which you require, at competitive prices.

The range includes an extensive collection of protective headwear, eyewear, hand protection, coveralls and respirators for general purpose and asbestos applications.

Please contact ECO to discuss your PPE requirements in detail.

DustTrak Aerosol Monitor

The DustTrak 8530 and 8532 Dust Monitors are used as portable or fixed real-time dust monitors, with user-selectable size fractions, real-time mass concentration readout and data logging.  The 8530 also includes a removable 37mm cartridge for sampling analysis and the unit can be connected to remote access systems with ease.
Read the rest of this entry »


Thank you for visiting the new Eco Environmental website.  It has been redesigned to incorporate our new logo, and to give a more user-friendly, and accurate account of the wide range of equipment which we can provide for our clients.

Along with this new website, and our new logo, ECO is eagerly awaiting our new brochure which we look forward to bringing to you soon. Despite all these changes, you will still find the staff friendly and knowledgeable, and very happy to serve your equipment requirements.

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